Welcome to the New Mexico Chapter

The USNA Alumni Association, New Mexico Chapter is the official Naval Academy chapter for the entire state of New Mexico.  We serve you, our Alumni, parents, Midshipmen, service members, Veterans, and friends, in support of the Naval Academy and its mission through engagement and activities which perpetuate the history, traditions, memories, and growth of the Naval Academy, and bind our family together in support of the highest ideals of command, citizenship, and government.

New Members

Doug Meints

Doug Meints, ’77

We specifically welcome new members to New Mexico.  Douglas Meints, Class of ’77, has recently moved to Albuquerque and last year joined our Chapter of the alumni association.  Douglas, aka Doug or “Psycho” (there is a story behind that) and is currently living on Eagle Ranch Road in Albuquerque.  Doug grew up as a Navy Junior in Japan and California, and graduated high school in Tacoma, WA.  Between 1979 and 1983, he flew as navigator off the USS Constellation and USS Ranger with Fleet Air Recon Squadron One.  See his full bio here.  The Board is pleased to add Doug to our Chapter roll.  Welcome aboard!

Thomas McLean, Class of ’53, has recently moved to Albuquerque and joined our Chapter of the alumni association.  Tom’s career was Air Force and he worked at the Air Force Institute of Technology, retired after 22 years, and then became an ME instructor and eventually chair of the ME department at UTEP. Please welcome Tom across the border into New Mexico and to   our Alumni Chapter!

Financial Assistance

Our Chapter does not currently maintain a separate 501(c)3 structure for the purpose of philanthropic efforts for the Naval Academy Alumni Association Foundation, Veterans, and the local community. There are other ways we have provided financial assistance as a Chapter. The Naval Academy Summer Programs include STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and NASS (Summer Seminar) programs.  About 50 of the 300 kids accepted into the programs from throughout the US have requested financial assistance.

During the summer of 2016, your Chapter provided $150 to help offset travel expenses for each of four New Mexico youngsters who requested some assistance with attending these activities:  two from Albuquerque, one from Dulce, and one from Las Cruces.  The Board is considering this assistance as well during Summer 2017, however there is but one individual from New Mexico that is applying to the STEM program.   Additionally, during the winter months, we also pass the hat at the Army-Navy gathering for Midshipman tickets for any relevant Bowl Game and other events that are brought to the attention of the Board members.

New Website

This is our “trial” website as of June 2017.  It looks suspiciously like the Mother Ship (Alumni Association’s Annapolis) website.  The unseen differences are management costs and some user interfaces that allow us to serve you better (and more uniformly).  We talked about this new opportunity at our Chapter picnic in June 2017 at Elena Gallegos picnic area (see Events) and will be continuing to update this website over the coming year.  Let the Board know of your interests or concerns – we will not make this the ‘official’ Chapter website until we have consensus.